What we Do

Mission Statement

Consumers want choice, bartenders want choice, so why is it so hard for Craft Distillers and Brewers to get their products to market? – Halewood intends to offer the best distribution solution for craft products to the market.

“The route to market is paramount, without it the best ideas and concepts do not see the light of day. All businesses need to innovate and offer the consumer something new.

Often the greatest ideas and talent come from those that work in the smallest companies and do not have the funds or access to the market to get their products to the end consumer.

Distribution companies are consolidating and vertically integrating, which creates a bottleneck for small and medium size craft distillers and brewers.
Halewood has invested extensively in distribution, particularly the on trade, for the UK, South Africa, Romania and China to create access to the market separate from the big companies. We understand that without access to the market, small startups will find it hard to avoid the brand collectors of the world that keep them in the dark. Halewood can offer finance, marketing, distribution, design, bottling and legal expertise to craft companies in a true partnership to let the on trade and consumers enjoy the benefit of the "craft" a point of difference”.

Stewart Hainsworth
Group CEO Halewood Wines and Spirits PLC