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Premium gin is our largest range containing over 35 labels, coming from our five gin distilleries across the UK.

Our flagship brand Whitley Neill Gin, created by 8th generation distiller Johnny Neill, includes a range of unique flavours, alongside the Original Handcrafted Dry Gin, which uniquely blends classic gin botanicals with exotic botanicals.

J.J Whitley artisan range of gins envelops flavours of the quintessential English country garden. Liverpool Gin boasts an impressive range of critically acclaimed organic gins inspired by the local heritage of Liverpool from the 1790s. City of London Distillery has brought gin distilling back to the heart of London after an absence of nearly 200 years. Our Mary-Le-Bone Gin range of pure crafted gins are made in the heart of London, using traditional methods. Aber Falls Distillery produces premium Welsh gins, using Welsh-inspired botanicals to give an authentic taste experience.

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We have several Vodka labels including Vestal Vodka at the premium end and J.J Whitley Artisanal Vodka.

Our flavoured range includes J.J Whitley’s Rhubarb, Raspberry and Watermelon & Line Vodkas. Vestal has two fruity varieties with Black Cherry and Raspberry & Blackcurrant.

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We now have over 15 Whisk(e)y labels from distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and America.

Our whiskies are diverse; ranging from the rule-breaking Crabbie’s Yardhead Single Malt Scotch Whisky and the hell-raising Pogues Whiskeys brewed in the West Cork Distillery in Ireland, through to our series of aged and single cask Crabbie Single Malt Whiskies, our rare reserve range of Gelston’s aged Irish Single Malt Whiskies and our superlative range of American Eagle Tennessee Bourbon Whiskeys, the very smoothest & softest of all American whiskeys.

Aber Falls, our new distillery in Snowdonia, has started distilling what will become the first whisky North Wales has seen in over 100 years. For a spirit to become a whisky, it must be aged for 3 years, so our range won’t be available until 2020.

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We have two rum labels with very different backgrounds, Rum Sixty Six from Barbados and Dead Man’s Fingers; a Caribbean rum with a Cornish Soul.

Rum Sixty Six comes from one of the last independent family-owned distilleries in the Caribbean. It is distilled, aged and bottled at the Foursquare Rum Distillery, Barbados. Small batch distilled (usually 112 barrels) and tropically aged for a minimum of 12 years in small American white oak casks.

Born from inside the Rum and Crab Shack, the famous seafood joint in St Ives, Cornwall, Dead Man’s Fingers breaks free of convention with its collection of spiced rums.

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Craft Beer

Craft brewing has exploded in recent years with micro-breweries appearing in towns and cities across the whole of the UK.

We own two craft beer brands, Hawkshead Brewery, producing over 20 different labels from IPAs to Stouts including limited edition labels, and Sadlers Brewing Co. with their infamous Peaky Blinder label.

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