City of London Distillery

Distilled exclusively at the City of London Distillery based in Bride Lane in the heart of London. The first distillery in the City of London for nearly 200 years. Steeped in heritage and uniquely positioned within the City of London’s historic Square Mile, the award-winning handcrafted Whitley Neill Gin range is also produced at the City of London Distillery.

City of London Gin range

The City of London Distillery is the first Gin distillery in London for 200yrs (it’s still the only distillery in the City of London). Since 2012 the distillery began producing gin on a pair of 200l copper pot stills called Clarissa and Jennifer (named after ‘The Two Fat Ladies’ of the BBC food show).

In 2016 as the distillery grew, a larger 500L pot still was brought in alongside the original pair to scale up production. This new larger still was launched in 2016 on the Queen’s 90th Birthday and named Elizabeth accordingly.

The goal of the City Of London Distillery has always been to bring back and maintain the heritage and history of London’s gin production whilst incorporating new contemporary ideas. The City of London Distillery has been producing award-winning gins for seven consecutive years, with 65 medals won across the range of Gins, including 4 Double Golds & 5 Golds at IWSC (International Wines & Spirits) and 6 Golds at San Francisco World Spirits Competition and 3 Spirits Business Gin Masters.

The City of London Distillery range includes an Authentic London Dry Gin, the Christopher Wren Gin (with a higher ABV, crafted by our Master Gin Distiller), a classic Sloe Gin (London Dry gin slowly steeped for many months with blackthorn berries), an Old Tom Gin (a lighter, sweeter style of gin popular in the 18th century) and the Square Mile Gin (at 47% ABV, the perfect choice for a London-style martini). Plus flavoured gin styles – Ten Bells Lemon Gin, Murcian Orange Gin, Brazillian Lime and Rhubarb and Rose Gin.

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