Vestal Vodka Launched in 2009 Vestal Vodka is a craft, ‘batch produced’ Polish vodka with a simple yet unique approach to vodka production.
Vestal Vodka potato growing

Vestal Vodka

Based on cues from the language and production of wine, specifically terroir and climate, with a focus on each year of production and the personality of ‘vintages’, taking cues from the whisky category.

After 6 years organic of growth, Vestal is now well established and ready to embark on a second phase of growth and development.

The Terroir of Vestal

Vestal Vodka sees purity as a more homely and down–to–earth quality. Pick potatoes early when they are small and full of flavour. And being fussy about which variety is planted and exactly where they are grown, aware of what a French winemaker would call terroir is equally important in Vestal’s business.

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