Crabbie’s gets crafty with first Ginger IPA

Crabbie’s is breathing fire into the craft beer movement with a new ginger IPA.

The innovative ale combines 300 years of craft expertise, blending the iconic Crabbie’s spices with the hoppy Sadler’s Red IPA. The result – a bold and warming new IPA that will excite the tastebuds of craft beer lovers and ginger enthusiasts alike.


The Crabbie’s IPA is the first of its kind and brings a daring new taste sensation to craft beer. Offering a light and refreshing taste, the IPA contains one third fewer calories than premium cider brands.

The root of Crabbie’s distinctive fiery taste dates back to 1801 when adventurer, John Crabbie, discovered a secret mix of spices from the Far East. Steeped for up to six weeks, before the master tasters can give it the Crabbie’s stamp of approval, the brew stands the test of time with a deliciously spicy flavour from its iconic ginger root.

Brewed with American and Australian hops, Sadler’s Red IPA has a citrus, passionfruit and mango aroma that stands up perfectly to the Crabbie’s ginger beer. Sadler’s is an award-winning brewery based in The Black Country that has been hand crafting beer for more than 100 years.

Anja Weise-O’Connor, Senior Marketing Manager at Crabbie’s, says: “The combination of hoppy IPA and the spicy ginger is a beer with bite, the perfect ale for those with a thirst for the bold and exciting.

“This is the first of several planned new additions to ‘The Crafty Ginger Collection’ with a new Crabbie’s Stout set to launch soon.”

The Crafty Ginger Collection is inspired by John Crabbie’s unconventional approach to drinks making and prides itself on being ginger and proud.