Little Creek Reposado Tequila

Prior to 1846 Little Creek, New Mexico where the VV ranch was situated was actually the territory of Mexico. James Cree purchased the ranch in 1888 and it was Mexican cowboys under Pat Garrett who were employed to look after the cattle.

To celebrate this we have sourced an exceptional Reposado Tequila made from blue Agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico and then (aged) in Bourbon barrels. A great sipping Tequila, this also makes a fantastic Margarita or it’s great served as a Long Island Ice Tea.

Nose: Bright with a slightly earthy nose, soft spices and zesty citrus.
Flavour: Vanilla from the Bourbon cask with earthy agave notes, a touch of tropical sweetness and honey.
Finish: Creamy with soft warm oak and more rich vanilla.

Category: Brand:
Abv 40%
Size 70cl

Little Creek Reposado Tequila